Friday, July 26, 2013

Surgery and a Birthday

So I pretty much suck at this whole blogging thing! Its been crazy here the past few months with all the holidays, birthdays, Surgery and moving to California I've been a little stressed. Crue turned one on July 18th! I can't believe it, it's totally crazy! He had surgery to correct his club feet on July 17th. The surgery took about 3 hours and everything went great. He has to wear casts on his legs for the next 5 to 7 weeks and then he'll be fitted for a foot brace after that. Not sure how long he'll have to wear the brace for though, but he is such an amazing little boy, the first thing he did when he woke up out of surgery was smile! I just love him! We had to stay over night in the hospital so unfortunately Crue was in there on his birthday, but the nurses threw him a little party before we went home. When we got home we also had a little party of our own with the fam! So fun! Aside from surgery Crue has been doing great with physical therapy. He can sit independently for a short period of time, He can roll over, and we are now working on army crawling. He talks non stop (baby talk of course!) he can say hi, yeah, dad, mom, brother, and bottle! I'm sure I'm the only one who can understand him but it is so cute! I love it! We are in the process of ordering him the cutest little wheelchair I have ever seen, I'll post pics when we get it. It looks like a bumbo seat with wheels! so cute, Can't wait! Oh and about the whole California move. For those of you who don't know Joe was offered a job in California that was to good to pass up, so we will be moving there soon. Joe is actually already there, he started his training on the 22nd. He is doing the same thing he was doing for Rocky Mountain Power but with a different company...a better company. I'm going to be moving out there soon, I stayed behind so Crue could get his surgery and castings done, but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be moving down. We are excited but very nervous about the move. I just hope it's the right thing for us! wish us luck!! Well I think that's it for now. Until next time!!

above: getting ready for surgery
Below: After surgey

Birthday Pics

One year Pics

2nd set of casts
Happy again after 2nd surgery!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


So I'm trying to do better at this whole blogging thing, so I don't get in trouble by friends and know who you are ;) Not much to report, we did enjoy some nice warm weather the other day. I snapped a few pics and thought I'd share! Easton was gone to Grandma and Grandpa's which is why he's not pictured. Crue bug was his usual happy self! Love this little boy.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family is everything

I am so in love with my little family! This little boy has consumed our hearts. Easton just adores him and he is the best big brother ever! Crue just lights up when Easton walks in the room, I love it!

Teething and long nights

Our cute little man has been teething for the past week. Poor little guy is as miserable as all get out, and that mean so sleep for Momma and Dadda! His bottom teeth came in about 4 months ago and he did pretty good with those but these top ones are killin him :( poor guy. We don't have any updates as far as medical. We had spina bifida clinic the first of Feb and everything is good, no new news! We go back in July. He still has a physical therapist that comes to the house every 2 weeks and he's doing really good other than he cries the whole time! But as far as progress he's doing great. He still has a hard time sitting  on his own but she says that's normal considering he doesn't have strong back muscles. She is highly confident that he will be sitting by the time he's a year! Sorry I'm such a slacker with updating, I'll try to do better!

 If you look close you can see his top teeth coming in.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Physical Therapy

Crues' physical therapist has been working with him on strengthen his core muscles. We have been working really hard to get him to sit up on his own. He still hasn't mastered it but he's getting really close! We also work on doing tummy time. He's not a big fan of this but he does it anyway. We are working on teaching him how to shift his weight from one arm to the other so he can reach for toys. He is such a good little sport when doing his exercises and he's doing so good. He is the happiest baby ever. He loves to jabber and blow rasberries! We just love him!

 He loves his carrots!